Rhubarb Triangle Honey 340g Jar


The last honey of the season from our apiary in Yorkshires famous “Rhubarb Triangle” in Carlton. Light, golden and delicious,

* You can purchase 3 x 340g for one postal unit *



The very last honey from 2022, we removed this honey at the start of October and most of the nectar collected by our bees to make this delicious honey will be from the Himalayan Balsam Plant. We know that not everyone likes this invasive plant, however bees and all sorts of insects take advantage of its very late flowering to top up their stores of pollen and nectar for winter. When honey bees are visiting this plant they look like they have been immersed in a bag of flour and return to the hives covered in white pollen. The honey is light in colour and is often said to taste almost fruity, what we can say is its delicious and very popular with children who visit our farmers market stall.

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Weight 666 g