English Woodland Honey 340g Jar


At Stickeys Honey we have two large Woodland apiaries – one is next door to Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Bretton and the other is at Lepton near Huddersfield.



Bees love trees they contain thousands of flowers and generally though not always the honey is a little darker than our other apiaries. The woods have large amounts of lime. horse Chestnut and sweet chestnut though obviously the bees also fly out of the woods and find other flowers.

Our English Woodland Honey is from Bretton and was removed from our hives at the end of July . Its been coarsely filtered and is medium in colour. This honey is available on our farmers market stalls and has proved popular.

As with all our honeys its unpasteurised so it will granulate quite readily as honey should

You can purchase 3 x 340g jars for 1 postal unit.

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Weight 666 g